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What vaccinations before traveling abroad

What vaccinations before traveling overseas today during development and transport facilitation through the many related to the mobility of people between countries, more and more attention is paid to the health safety abroad

now in the era of development and transport facilitation through the many related to the mobility of people between countries, more and more attention is paid to the health safety abroad It is mainly applied in the pre-vaccine that will help reduce the risk of mortality . various types of exotic diseases. Often this type of disease ultimately very bad for travelers. if the worst come to us during the holidays. It is therefore important to protect themselves from potential viruses and bacteria, which may bring about serious health consequences. Depending on the country, that we choose, we recommend that the vaccine can be distinguished from each other. about what should be vaccinated, the doctor decides. In this article you will find introductory information on the recommended vaccines.
should know that the vaccine before enjoying an exotic country It should also be preferred when they should be done in the unit grafting is around 6 - .. 8 weeks before departure minimum safety limit is four weeks in short-term risk is that the body fails to produce the appropriate antibodies for. specific disease. Then the body can fight harder to put up with a virus that attacked us.
is also worth mentioning the place where you can make such a vaccine. Performed in the sanitary-epidemiological stations, or other specialized institutions. Some illnesses can take root in only a few points of the vaccine throughout the country. It is yellow fever. against can take root only in a few places in the country. sanitary-epidemiological stations, which guarantee that the vaccine that is located in Warsaw, Katowice, Szczecin, Gdansk, Gdynia, Swinoujscie and Krakow. Before visiting this type of Items you can go to your GP, who will lead us on.
vaccines consist of recommended and optional. Their implementation depends on the epidemiological situation in the country for which they chose. the recommended vaccines are vaccines against hepatitis A and B, tetanus and diphtheria vaccine against poliomyelitis, typhoid and meningitis. vaccine mandatory vaccination against yellow fever.
Depending on the region, to where we go, the vaccine recommended by your doctor can distinguish from each other Below you will find information about recommended vaccinations and other countries and regions where they can be useful for us
EUROPE -. people. low risk of infectious diseases recommended vaccinations against tetanus, polio, diphtheria. comes in the Balkan countries, also recommends vaccinations against hepatitis B. Asia
vaccine tetanus, polio and diphtheria. coming to Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Israel and Thailand, it is recommended that additional vaccinations against typhoid. front, hepatitis A and B.
AFRICA-A and hepatitis B, yellow fever , diphtheria, tetanus, polio, typhoid
South America - the same as a vaccine in Africa
AUSTRALIA - basic vaccines - polio, diphtheria and tetanus -.
North America - USA, Canada, Guadeloupe - low epidemiological risk of -. recommended basic vaccines If you go to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Grenada and Nicaragua also recommends vaccinations against hepatitis B. It occurs in Costa Rica and Guatemala, should be vaccinated against hepatitis A.

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