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How to prepare for the trip in the mountains

How to prepare for the trip to the mountains If you are planning a vacation to cross the mountains recall a few basic rules of behavior, while in the mountains

If you are planning a vacation to cross the mountains recall a few basic rules of conduct during their stay in the mountains This trip requires proper preparation, both in terms of logistics, as well as hardware Here are some tips what to do .. to make your stay in the mountains was only associated with pleasant experiences and memories.
fitness preparation
If you plan to hike the trails from hut to hut, the most important element of fitness is required remedy. month or two months before departure, try to ensure appropriate enhancements to its natural state, that in mountains do not give up in the middle of the track. can do long walks, Nordic walking, running or swimming. addition of physical exercise will increase your endurance.
convenient backpack
Another is to buy matching backpack. should be large and full, so you can fit into it all needs, but on the other hand light as possible. On the other hand, if you are a woman of small build, you should not buy the biggest bag, simply because you can not wear, because the be packed for you too much weight. So, keep that in mind, to measure the power of intention.
more appropriate shoes
IEM is to provide the proper shoes. typical best buy shoes for walking in the mountains. They are quite expensive, but coordinated and will serve you for years. Choose shoes a little bigger, because youll wear thicker socks for them. It. not and do not wipe your feet while hiking poranisz
proper clothing
Carry enough underwear and shirts for the changes also remember that something on the nicer weather -. short - or colder and rainy days - trousers - preferably not jeans, but with fabric and fleece jacket, rain jacket -. This is secured against a variety of weather conditions
had food and basic food
worth it. to each flask, cutlery - a knife, spoon, cup more -. and small offer food often happens that the meals in the shelters are very expensive, and there is no option to not spend extra money just ask .. boiling water in a shelter - most are free - and zaparzysz tea, coffee or instant soup
sure to eat something warm day
Try to eat once a day or something warm to drink hot tea Thanks .. It is not nabawisz constipation and digestive problems .
first Aid Kit Do not forget to submit a bandage, hydrogen peroxide and stains. This means that if you need opatrzysz small wounds.
Get emergency phone numety
Save to your mobile phone Volunteer Mountain Rescue Service - mountain rescue -.
Bring trekking poles
To make it easier to migrate Also you can buy at the poles, which makes it easier to climb to the tops of mountains.

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