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What to see in Barcelona?

What to see in Barcelona, ​​Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia, the city

Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia, is a beautiful city if youre going to go there on a weekend, you might want to know what you have to see and explore
u first .... Las Ramblas - the most famous avenue in Barcelona / u Long, shady streets lined with implants is the promenade in the heart of the city It combines the two main squares of Barcelona: Plaza de Cataluña and Plaza de la Peurta de la Paz, where he makes a statue of Christopher Columbus. Ramblas motion carried on both sides of the wide promenade, where you can move around freely, play and relax.
u next point of our Travel must be the Cathedral of St. Eulalia. / u
Cathedral is a project based on the stylistic canons of the Catalan Gothic style. Work began in 1298 and continued until 1448r. Inside the cathedral is very strict and majestic. Nave The interior volume illuminate the naves and two fifteen -. century stained glass Everything deserves a thorough visit can still see the 26 chapels, the sacristy, in the crypt with the sarcophagus of the saint , a beautiful cloister
u Another thing is .. Casa Batllo. / u
This building was renovated by the family Guadiegodla Batloo y Jose Casanovas. He used the personal style of exquisite architecture. restored facade gives the impression of life . Gaudi changed and redesigned interior furniture. All of the pillars of the balcony can be seen as something in motion.
u then we should see Casa Mila. / u
work at Casa Mila was started in 1905. the completed five years later. This is another work of Gaudi. This building is known as the Quarry. Casa Mila is the best and most complete example of the concept of nature as seen by Gaudi. We can say that this kind are intended type of artificial stone mountain cave with a view of the facade, which radiates a vital force
u next point is the Sagrada Familia - Church of St. Nicholas ... Family / u
is the culmination of a remarkable series of papers Antonio Gaudi. This structure is a masterpiece although she did not finish before the tragic death of the artist. Originally designed by two architects. Then he took custody of Gaudi. In principle, architect, construction of the building had to remind one large organism.
seafront Sights are the Olympic venues. devoting too much time to prepare meals. However, not everyone who wants to go, he knows how to go about it. Here are a few rules to keep in mind when planning a vacation trip.
If you are planning to spend Christmas or New Year in the Polish mountains Recall that we are probably not the only people who thought about it, to leave the house. So, in advance, review available offers B & Bs and hotels, without too much trouble to book a place to stay for myself and the whole family. You should also remember that prices are not at that time of year for the cheapest. Because B owners are well aware of the uniqueness of the beautiful landscapes, tempt not only Polish tourists, but also from around the world. If you are planning to spend New Year in the Polish mountains, the price at the table with no accommodation costs around 200 zł, but with accommodation to 600 zl.
If you want to spend a holiday at the sea or mountains, you might want to know in advance what meals will be served. Because it may happen that not every hotel or motel will offer its customers the opportunity to eat a festive meal. If you find that is indeed the case, you need to prepare at home, three or four rich foods that can easily reheat when you are away from home and feel the atmosphere of Christmas.
addition, the traveling, the need to appropriate music CD that will put your family in a friendly and family atmosphere.
to spend their holidays in the mountains is worth a taste of the local Christmas food, listen to a real mountain tracks and go to Mass, and no doubt will remain long in the memory. Do not give up and with skiing or snowboarding if you love winter sports. If you have never uprawiałeś this type of sport, take the opportunity and make sure you try
valuable to a home decoration - small Christmas tree decorated with baubles or names of family members - in a hotel room feel like a comfortable family home
. br And those who plan to spend holidays abroad in hot countries, we can keep these rules. should use the local beauty, water sports, and eat traditional local dishes. bring this Christmas will always be remembered and remember that you will be unique and quite different from all previous ones. To make up you wear to the beach for swimwear red Santa hats and take some pictures that will play in a few years in the family album.

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