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How to go hitchhiking

How to go hitchhiking hitchhiking is a unique form of movement, which is like no one else gives us the impressions, the adventure, the opportunity to meet new people and risks

hitchhiking is a unique form of movement, which is like no one else gives us the impressions, the adventure, the opportunity to meet new people and the risk for many, hitchhiking is common and opportunity to change the school, at work or in the vicinity . village in the city. For others, it is a way of life and see the world at low cost. Some people, however, trembles at the thought of entering someone elses car and never dared in such a way. How to catch the opportunity and stay safe on the road?
opportunity to catch a variety of ways. most popular setting is the road that leads out of the waves passing cars. We can also help you write a large chunk of a city in which you want to reach. Let us note that the catch rates at a suitable place for cars if there podwózka have come and where to stop, so we can get, so it will be a sign to keep the ban makes no sense.
If you want more direct requests, we can go in the parking lot for the drivers and ask if anyone happened to go our way and can not take us with you.
danger on the road hitchhiking is real and should not be underestimated. Remember that fear is not only people but also people that would take in both cases autostopowiczami best when the couple and the boy .. girl Such a system encourages confidence among drivers, and it is also safe for travelers worth a look as neat and clean, but nobody wants to admit to your car. suspicious smell of fish.
Hitch should always bear in mind that the maximum safety. documents hidden depends on you, preferably in lingerie. keep in your wallet, just some of the cash and the remainder is divided into two parts and hidden in different places, so that in case of lost luggage always have an emergency nest-egg to return home.
hitchhiking, you can not have too much baggage with them, it is best to fit in a backpack along with us on the seat. avoided at all costs tomb bags in the trunk, because we have so lost forever.
Travel in two must be established prior warning. You should listen to your intuition and if something is not like a car that stopped, would not be in it.
always good to carry something to defend or even confuse potential attackers. well in that role for deodorant in your pocket. If You suddenly psiknąć him in the eye, which gives us little time to escape.
always the hardest the first time, here is to break the resistance and fear to know the true beauty. specific portals were created for the hitchhiker, who argue that the passengers and drivers. Perhaps the use of this website will help us with this first journey into the unknown.

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