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What do you think about going to India?

What do you think about going to India India is a country with a unique flavor, full of flavor, amazing aroma and color

India is a country with a unique flavor, full of amazing flavor, aroma and color Country fascinating religions and philosophies of life, it is worthwhile to visit him, and before the time you need to prepare for a meeting with the inhabitants of India, the cultural differences .. - for the most part here is mixed with Hinduism, Islam - .. can lead to unnecessary confusion and problems
in India should be assertive in dealing with local people, as Indians tend to manipulate the tourists, however, the company raised its stance. respect
Keep in mind that - in accordance with the principles of Islam -. right hand for eating, and the left is impure and is used to maintain personal hygiene so as not to touch anyone with your left hand and not give anything with your left hand, like money in the store.
When buying, you should always haggle. This includes the purchase of such services to rent a rickshaw.
enters the temple or mosque, remove your shoes. Women should also wear scarves. should also be concealed by knee - so people should be in long pants -
picture that someone should ask permission and get permission - especially if you shoot a Muslim -. must be prepared, in exchange for a photo of someone you want candy or a small fee - to take children - ..
should be particularly alert to scam local bus operators, guides, rickshaw, street vendors also tend to withdraw money to watch out for pickpockets should be divided into several parts, so .. in the event of an accident is not immediately get rid of the whole holiday budget. best to hide them in a bag or a special bag worn under clothing. You should avoid removing the thick rolls of bank notes in public places. White tourists are seen as inherently view the call is to steal.
not exchange money in random places in different useful guide.
train tickets must be purchased from the train station in special positions.
ordering a meal to remember to set the food .... the natives as spicy are unlikely to withstand any European stomach It is better to choose a so-called no spicy
generally should be very careful about the feeds do not buy anything from the street, do not eat anything raw - like fresh salads - do not use tap water unprepared - even for brushing your teeth - do not order drinks with ice, which are typically made from raw water, etc. Because of the different flora and overall health can lead to nasty diseases, even in a luxury hotel.
Keep in mind that when you shake your head no - that is, from left to right -. in India it means yes

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