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How to protect your health while traveling

How to protect your health while traveling Selection travels, especially in the exotic region, especially to take care of our health

Choice of itinerary, especially in the exotic region, especially to take care of our health Rapid changes in the environment is a challenge for our body, so you already know how to protect at this time and support.
Collect as More information about the region in which, especially on common diseases in the area and take appropriate preventive measures. If you subscribe you to travel in a travel agency, you will be informed about what vaccinations are required and which are recommended.
values ​​before you go to visit the website of the World Health Organization, where you will find current information on potential risks to health in all regions of the world.
Before leaving, we can go to your GP to examine your overall health. Poinformujmy with your doctor about where to go and What are the risks in the region. It is also the opportunity to go to the dentist to check teeth.
If you are taking any drugs, such as suffering from a chronic illness, be sure to take with you. Most also have a larger stock these drugs, because the place you will have problems with your purchase. When you visit your doctor, ask him a prescription for more medicine because of the departure, they will realize this and will not be a problem with writing a drug
If you suffer from allergies food, you should learn -. or even write the piece - their names in the country you will, this will be easier to avoid these products. However, during these trying unfamiliar regional dishes, keep the attention. Try small amount first and wait , watching carefully whether there is an allergic reaction.
especially in exotic countries pay particular attention to water as this can cause many health problems. Pijaj only bottled water, and as we use to brush your teeth. in any premises without a contractor addition of ice drinks, because after all, only by water, and this is not an illusion that was used for bottled water.
Avoid foods prepared from these materials and spicy with lots of garlic. not limited to the sharp, paprykowych sauces. also taking daily small amount of vodka, which is disinfectant.

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