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Which countries do not need a passport

Which countries do not need a passport Long gone are the days of long queues and check passports at the borders, we now have the opportunity to visit many interesting places holding the license only

Long gone are the days of long queues and check passports at the borders, we now have the opportunity to visit many interesting places they have only an identity card This is a really large object, such as the production of passports is a time consuming and carries certain. Costs, which difficult to be spontaneous, if you do not have that document. However, there is a whole list of countries that we visit on the spot.
Germans and Czechs are one of our closest neighbors do not require us to nothing more than personal cards, and so are unlikely to have anyone to represent, as border controls are abolished, and the input from one country to another is almost imperceptible.
similar situation in Denmark, but it should be borne in mind here that if you plan to stay longer than 3 months, we have to get their approval.
under the Lateran Treaty rules on the entrance to the Vatican are the same as in Italy, so we need only an ID card.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is not the European Union, but since 2009 allowed the State of the Community of citizens on the basis of documents other than passports . Theoretically there is no problem to cross the border with the same ID, but it is worth mentioning that without passports have problems with access to health services and financial services. Duchy of Liechtenstein
allow us to enter their premises on presentation of ID card, but do not forget to visit them to take substantial financial resources, such as cost of goods and services in this rich region may crash It makes good use of maps, we estimate that the distance and time to overcome them. It is important that the plan is not an exaggeration to say, it is better to leave little free time that can be used for vacation, but believes that the sun was already there, and location of our accommodation is still far away. Do not forget to pack topographic map in your backpack, it is essential for good situational awareness.
Packing for a trip, remember the medicine cabinet, which necessarily includes plasters, bandages, painkillers, bandages, ice spray, etc., do not forget that there will always be able to quickly go to the store, so you should be ready for any possibility.
If you plan to stay in a tent, set pre-dock and see if you can share the camp under the law, and if necessary the appropriate permissions. So to avoid unnecessary penalties. Analyze
good weather. However, if you will be covered by the heat, do not forget to pack a warm jacket and rain jacket in the hedge. Let it go, but jeans are heavy and difficult to dry, try to choose a flirty things that will dry quickly if wet air.
not save on shoes for hiking, this should be durable and sturdy trekking boots, lace-up and reaches for a piece, and with all that breathable. Inappropriate shoes will be a trip to hell, from which you will remember only the pain in my legs and blisters on his feet.
backpack weight should be a maximum of 25% by weight of the person wearing it. So try to pack only what is absolutely necessary, not forgetting the little things like matches, needle and thread, flashlight, etc. For safety, you must have a cell phone with each other on a regular load on the occasion of stopping.

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