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How not to lose your luggage at the airport

How not to lose your luggage at the airport after landing at the destination, you are waiting for admission into the chest strap, but it does not go, and start becoming more and more annoyed

After landing at the destination, you are waiting for admission into the chest strap, but it does not go, and you start getting more nervous This is one of the worst scenarios that we can meet at the airport .. The basic principle is, of course, Picking the most important things in your hand luggage, but it still does not mean that we would not need clothes that were the case. Fortunately, there are several ways to maximize the opportunity to return the baggage in our hands.
Do you suitcase stand out. easiest way to buy a colorful, patterned suitcase that is easy to see. If you already have a simple black, I indulged my imagination and decorate as desired. sew colorful pictures, ribbons, or buttons, help us to catch our luggage in a crowd and if it is lost we will not have trouble describing the case.
packing, do not forget to put the most valuable in your hand luggage. also throw in there underwear and some clothes for disguise, in the event that our main subject we arrived late. As We are well stocked, will save a lot of nerves in this situation.
suitcase add a piece of our basic data, particularly with the telephone number. In this way we can hope that soon in our phone call and get information about where our suitcase. If you are concerned that the card may break and fall off, the best solution would be more fitting case.
Remember, do not exceed the weight limit of luggage and check out the boardingiem that the number printed on it corresponds to the actual place where you fly. If anything
I happen to lose your luggage, you should immediately go to the airline employee, in which the application for the disappearance If we submit a claim for damages, we need to write a complaint to the airline, the passenger who claim to be maintained .. proof protocol luggage, air ticket and boarding card section This will be useful here also stands out from the crowd of luggage, if. case the colors and features a lot easier to find.
response to the complaint most often replaced within 30 days of filing. If the response does not meet our expectations and we believe we have been treated unfairly, we can exercise their rights before the court.

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