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Tips and ideas for travel can be found in the Travels category. How to travel by plane, train, bus, student travel, travel costs by car, family vacation packages and cheap travel insurance.


How to choose a travel agent

How to choose a travel agent for vacation soon

Vacation before traveling to a warm sea and high mountain But if you do not own a travel agent to choose what to look for and what may come in handy
fra? Check
seafront office , which is legally upodobaliśmy works. / u
solution is not as difficult as it seems. Just make sure there is a travel agency. register of tour operators and travel agents to get information about the provincial tourism office, or also in the Central Registry of tourism licenses Ministry of Economy and Labour in Warsaw - - ..
u Make sure the insurance upatrzonego travel agency / u
is very important that the If you have problems
insurance company to ensure a safe return to his country.
u or office is not the case in debt / u
recorded in the Debt Register More than 160 travel agencies - including travel agencies - .. Their total debt amounts to 2 million 171 000 PLN But how do you know ... just sign up for the protection of consumer services -? - fill out the form and send a picture ID after several days, charge -. for 69 zł - You can check our travel agent
What is the level of my travel agent / u. On, the official website of the Polish Chamber of Tourism, we can check whether the rest organizer of the Polish Chamber of Tourism related.
u Which Travel Agency; friends enjoying life / u
Just ask here and there, and we will get both positive and negative opinion of the office I think the best advice to friends who have already benefited from trips to the organization. travel agency. All complaints will be safe, but positive too. If you still have doubts about the choice we can find a network, such as / Tourism / Office-trip. Personally, Judging from the relationship of friends discourage broad Ithaca, and I recommend TUI and probably unknown to you, Filiz Tour.
u choosing what to ask quote / u Lots of hooks, which, however, patients can avoid it.
exact price - calculated every penny If you have holiday pay in foreign currency - and often it is just so - it is also necessary question: .. at the rate that banks price is converted to buck We know whether the price includes entry to museums, theaters and other attractions
/ ul
duration - .. the exact date of departure and return. familiar with the story know the case, the journey is much longer than planned, so stay lasted less
category and luxury -. its worth paying attention to the star, but it can be different. Please read gwiazdkowaniem hotels in different countries, for example, in Europe, three star hotel is the mean decent, and in Arab countries is more like a shelter or refuge
location and place where the equipment -. near the sea, road transport and shops and restaurants. You should also know if the hotel has air conditioning and beach equipment
board -. we can ask about the number of servings Instead, we must remember that the drinks and alcohol are not included in the price of leisure
.. Insurance - ..! n the case where we provide the resignation of the journey, but as well as trips, sometimes differently and insurance are not always included in the price of jet travel group travel agent offering insurance is compulsory
/ ul
Hooks ... / u Open
little panties or sometimes even nieokazanej the customer contract. What can I do to prevent the hook? First of all, read a few times. contract and deeply reflect on each word when we have doubts about the contract, so I have to ask the operator to leave when we ask about what is written, little shorts or completely hidden
Sometimes - sometimes with an emphasis .. xD - will be well-intentioned man who will show us all the hooks, but most people do not want to waste time on customers, but quickly earn their trust so watch out healthy holidays: - .!

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