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What to do during an attack?

What to do during an attack Few of us know how to behave during an attack or robbery?

... Few of us know how to behave during an attack or robbery There are a number of recommendations and contraindications Attacks are often accompanied by aggression and violence in this situation, the person attacked may be forced into a different behavior, despite itself. for assault, robbery also involves a situation in which the offender takes the victim in a state of unconsciousness or helplessness, unconscious, for example, drinking alcohol, or other person to give her medication. Assault is a misdemeanor that is punishable by imprisonment for 2-12 years depending on the degree of importance and use of firearms. In this article you will find basic information on the behavior during the robbery, so its safe for your life and the lives of others.
First, in such situations, remain calm, especially if the attacker has a weapon drawn. Do not panic. sudden movements or chaotic behavior can only conclude the perpetrators of the balance sheet. As long as the attacker will feel safe and not hurt. Therefore, when an attacker watching you, Keep your hands in view.
But if the attacker suddenly attack you in a public place, that there is a firearm and keeps the distance you can begin to scream. better start yelling Fire! rather than Thief. Why? Because people are afraid to answer. do something to distract the perpetrator. Then the attacker will be forced to escape.
Follow the attacker. Do not do it too fast, but not too slow. talk with the aggressor. Tell him that you have a family in which you live. Tell us something about yourself. let the attackers know that you are a man with dreams, but also obligations in relation to others. Statistics show that this method of protecting most people from death.
should talk with the perpetrator certainly not easy to be false in relation to the attacker If you feel, it can lead to a decline in anger, because it is unnecessary rozzłościsz Therefore, do not tell the thief to understand it -? ... if you have no idea what his motives in a situation where they are -. Try to remember the look if the offender is masked, remember the eye color and body
just attack attack If you have a realistic chance of winning striker ..? or its current pass. not a hero. In order to stun the attacker can throw in your face what you have on hand. best if you carry pepper spray. If you know youre not too precious things with you, in In some cases, better reflect what you are thieves. better to lose money, than life.

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