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What to See in Estonia?

What to See in Estonia Estonia is a country in northern Europe

Estonia is a country in northern Europe borders with Latvia, Russia and Finland -. Gulf of Finland -. Few people know that Estonia as a country that was created after the Second World War, however, traces of the first tribes that inhabited area dates from the third century BC, Estonia is often called a suburb of Scandinavia. This implies a strong historical influence of Scandinavia in the country. Many Estonians feel Scandinavians. can be seen even in the Estonian culture, which is very similar to Finnish culture. As Estonia is not the time that has a warm, mild climate, but it was his charm. There are many things that will catch up. Below you will find places to visit or dishes that are worth a try.
certainly the first fire should go to Tallinn, capital of Estonia. It list of world cultural heritage is worth spending a little time to explore the Great Guild House This is a meeting place for the richest and most Estonians in the Historical Museum
The city has many churches - ... Church of St. min. Nicholas - .. especially the religious monuments of Protestantism and the Church of St. Michael min converted into a Protestant church is the place to visit Kadriorg Palace, which was once the seat of Peter the Great, and now works as an art museum

.. In Estonia, there are many islands - about 1500 -. This tour of the coastal city has a charm of its beaches in Estonia than in the rocky shelf, but it makes a great impression of the main islands of Hiiumaa and Saaremaa island more ... There are many other smaller cities that know how to count, for example, 160 people just like Viinistu. Of course in the summer the population increases due to tourists and families of people who live in villages.

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