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As seen in Borkowo?

As seen in Borkowo Borkowo sołectwo Daleszyce a municipality in the district of Kielce

Borkowo sołectwo Daleszyce the municipalities in the district of Kielce This small town, only 360 inhabitants - 2006. - And is located 5 km southwest of Daleszyce and 15 kilometers from the center of Kielce. . Makosz care of earth, water, rain, women, fertility and sexuality, spinning, weaving and ... sheep
most valuable object of protection in the reserve plant community -. Fertile Carpathian beech trees occurs at the age of 220 years
Other attractions surrounding this team Borkowo Szczecnie castle. Słopiec government out of court to destroy the water mill, the wheat from the first half of the nineteenth century. It was originally powered by water wheels, which was later replaced with a turbine. Ground corn in it until 1964.

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