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How to react to insect bites

How to react to insect bites and stings Insect bites happen very often especially in summer, when the activity is the greatest of all pests

Insect bites
happen quite often especially during the summer, when the activity is the largest of all parasites Depending on what the bug bites us procedures may be different All actions must bring relief and soothes irritated .. place. Therefore, spending holidays in fresh air into the things that we can help alleviate the bite site. Sometimes you may need medical intervention. It is important to remember to reduce the risk of attacks of various insects, but sometimes it is impossible. In this article you will find information on how to react to the bites insects and how to mitigate.
First lets start with bees, wasps and hornets. They are very dangerous insects for several reasons. However, these three insects, bees are the most dangerous. Why? The attack would leave a sting in human skin. axis Hornets and do not leave stingers. recommended to remove the stinger as quickly as possible, preferably disinfected tweezers or a needle. In this step, be careful not to press jadowego pods, which eventually sting. This may increase the dose of poison, and also a stronger skin irritation . After removing the sting is good to make a poultice of baking soda to neutralize the formic acid. wrap is also indicated when it struck the wasp or hornet us. Remember, however, observe the reaction of our body, since May there be a severe allergic reaction, and will require medical intervention.
Now, to get a tick bite. These insects like bright colors. Therefore, avoid wearing those white clothes in the woods. What if you bite The bottom line is that at each stage to speak the truth and provide all required documentation and fees.
determine what visa you need. There are many different types of tourist visas from the immigration and everything in between. These visas for students, shops, treatment, or fiance. There are many types of visas. Detailed information about each of them get into the embassy or the embassy website. It is important to apply the proper types of visas to the situation. If you enter the wrong type, the visa is unlikely to be granted and you will have to start all over again. It is therefore important to first gather all the required information and then decide on what visa you should apply for.
Fill out the application for a visa. Do this when you decide what type of visa you need. Before completing this form see the instructions and make sure to do it properly. Make as many times until you feel confident that everything is done perfectly. Any mistake can lead to rejection of the application.
Introduce appropriate form, proof of payment, personal documents and photos with specific dimensions. Many visas, and K1 and K3, requires the prior consent in order to arrange an interview. There are also visas such as tourist visas, which require only to the appointment. Type of visa to decide who will have an impact on what you need to do to get it. A common feature of all types of visas is a conversation that you have to go through.
Arrange for an interview. Ambassadors and Consul have access too and the standby time is very long, so you have to go with a larger range of time, not only before the scheduled departure. How to get an appointment, you must pay a fee, which is the best paid immediately upon receipt of the appointment.
Participate in the conversation. First, you must appear at the appointed time. If you do not show up on time, you lose the opportunity to May, and money. Remember that the interview take all the necessary documents such as passports, bank accounts, house work, and everyone else, without which you can not get a visa. After reviewing your information, your application will be approved or rejected. If you do not get a visa stamp in your passport will be placed. If the visa is approved, the passport can be detained for a day or more to print and place a visa in your passport. After obtaining the visa are ready to go.

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