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How to celebrate Carnival in Mexico

How to celebrate Carnival Carnival in Mexico Mexico is a major event

Carnival in Mexico is a great event celebration begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for 5 days in different cities of Mexico, celebrated these days for various reasons, no matter which city you choose to celebrate, here are some ... traditions. Br Youll definitely have to catch the start of carnival. This is a symbolic burning of wicked humor. consists in the fact that it is an unpopular person, or not well-liked politician is symbolically burnt along with entertainment, good food and fireworks fires.
oldest city which hosts the Carnival of Campeche. but first celebrated in 1825. On the occasion of this historic town is full of tradition and fanfare.
Youll definitely need to visit the two largest parade, the parade king and queen, who is held in major cities.
Mazatlan is the third largest parade in the world. screenings, food and a parade held on Avenida del Mar in Playa Norte. place for both spectators and participants, how fun. Impreza has no end, it takes a whole 5 days all day and night.
all night, you can also have fun in Cozumel. There are fun, they will not find at other parades. Caribbean islands teeming with an incredible dancer, musician, princess, scantily dressed, lively dressing. Enjoy the pool and sunbathing during the day and night of dancing, have fun and try beautiful exotic drinks. After the break in Mexico, May you need to odespanie Hangover!
majority of events, what and where and when it is announced before Ash Wednesday. Prices are set lectures, prizes for best costume, etc.

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