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How to stay safe on the plane

How to stay safe on the plane Air travel is the safest and fastest way to travel, but many people choose other means of transport for fear of turbulence

Air travel is the safest and fastest way to travel, but many people choose other means of transportation because it is the fear of turmoil are some safety tips on the plane
First of all, .. listen to safety instructions carefully - no matter how .
Smoking is prohibited in aircraft So, smokers should be provided with a flight of nicotine gum or patches
air in the air is very dry -. about 20% moisture -. Z For this reason, in-flight use moisturizer, drink plenty of water - Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which dehydrates the body -. People who wear contact lenses they should give up during the flight
bend your legs and arms as well. about 30 minutes, and avoid crossing your legs when sitting.
u Where to sit on the plane? / U
Research shows that people are sitting at the rear of the aircraft are 40% more chances of survival of the passengers who sit in the middle or front. plane hitting the front something and not back, so it is always more crushed the front of the aircraft. For this reason, the chances of survival are those who are in the rear area. However, It is, or leave whole, depends largely on how the strike is going on, says John Eakin, aviation expert and director of research data in the Texas Air.
addition, remember that the safest place in the aircraft and those who are in the same row as the emergency exit row and the one before and one after them.
are safer than the place they turn to the middle or at the window. Sitting on the turn before we get to emergency exits.

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