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How to light a fire without matches

How to light a fire without matches Fire is one of the four elements

Fire is one of the four elements, thanks to life on our planet could develop and continue for centuries served as a protective, scaring wildlife, and also served to give warmth, among other things, the preparation of meals. And signal their presence. Where are the fire? There are many hypotheses. One of them says that Prometheus stole fire from the gods and brought to the ground. then teach people how to use it, and we can use this benefit. more scientific than simply fire the influence of different physico-chemical processes, where oxygen is needed. life today without the fire will be very difficult if not impossible. In this article you will find tips on sets fire without using matches.
first way is the way with a magnifying glass. be used for the ordinary glass, but the increase in the firing process. This method is very simple. What we need next to the lens? Of course, the sun and combustible material. best use for this dry straw or dry leaves. We keep the lens steady, about 5cm of Coal. After a few moments, we should observe a slight bubble. This is a trailer fire.
Another method involves using a bow and świderka. how they do it? Find a fairly flexible twigs and make him bow. Use this strap or relatively thick links. then prepare a second rod with one hand should focus on the other rounded. You will find us on the two communities. Each of them must have the appropriate slot at the end of the rod. Wrap a bow-string. about exercise then place the bracket on the memo field put little grooves in the dry grass and a few splinters of wood Insert a sharp end of the groove and cover the other end of the stick - Tip-rounded .. -. second board into the appropriate holes now, gently pressing the top notepad holder, turn the drill bit by the port. rub in a fire.
last time it was quite original. In this method to start a fire to serve potatoes. What else do we need? Half a teaspoon of toothpaste, a half teaspoon of salt, two wires - about 7 cm -, two toothpicks and delight - the best cotton or dry grass -. Section potatoes in half in one half -. outside of the potato - the wires should be driven approximately 1 cm from each other in the second half of the cavity wydłubujemy. - depth equal to approximately one more bucket - .... the grooves we put salt paste and then we combine the two halves with toothpicks before it make sure that the wires touch the dough and salt weight now Wait for 5 minutes. przyłóżmy piece of cotton on a string. At this point, getting a little two wires together. wool should light up.

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