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From whom should have a first aid kit for travel?

From whom should have a first aid kit for travel when you go on a trip, whether long or not

When choosing a trip, be it longer or not - must always have a first aid kit with you Posted here for tips on
you present it as such. First aid kit should look like.
The first and basic thing in the medicine cabinet should be patches, swabs, cotton wool, bandages, hydrogen peroxide and scissors, so that in case of any injury or damage to the body and we could attach to disinfect the wound. It is a safety pin - to have some fixed curve - .. and rubber gloves, and allows the wound that does not pollute it
Then we take pills for a sore throat can occur at any time, without any particular reason ... - tablets relieve pain, which is sure to We are limited.
analgesic drugs is important, without it can be difficult. When something hurts, we can always use drugs and trouble. Remember that these drugs do not fight the pain only temporarily silenced him.
is also important to vitamins and calcium. Our body can be weakened somewhat surprised by the changes such as diet and lifestyle in general.
When traveling, especially abroad, changes in lifestyle and diet. These and other changes affecting our digestive system, so that should bring pills for bloating, diarrhea and stopping drugs for aligning the hose.

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