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Tips and ideas for travel can be found in the Travels category. How to travel by plane, train, bus, student travel, travel costs by car, family vacation packages and cheap travel insurance.


How to prepare for the trip

How to prepare for the trip before I go on holiday or vacation to think not only about how to pack and what to bring, but also reflect on the purpose of travel

Find your holiday or vacation to think not only about how to pack and what to bring, but also thinking about a destination before leaving, you must answer a few questions, namely.: What are the customs in your country that I should handle and treat you eat What language is no knowledge of the local population and culture of basic phrases in the language you will avoid many of the building and embarrassment

??. u gathering information before traveling / u
buy a guide to the country they go for more information on the Internet. you need to know about all the peculiarities of the country to which they select in most cases you will have to adapt to the customs of the country, because usually it is not necessary -. usually but not always -. As a guest in his country, but you know how to behave so as not to expose the local population.
u religious traditions / u You
consider that the great churches and mosques, museums are not just places of worship. Even and if they do not you are a Buddhist or Muslim, you must respect sacred places through their behavior and clothing. For example, if you are traveling to Arab countries need to bear in mind that before entering the mosque, shoes off and make sure that no one has to show the soles . If you go to India, remember not to touch the statues of gods or other peoples heads - do not rub the babys head -.
seafront road rules / u
Before departure, you should also check traffic rules that govern the country. term for certain offenses tend to be much higher than in Poland.
u Language / u
It is good before you go to learn basic zwrotóww that language. even if speak English language does not expect that in another country, everyone will understand. This is the same as in Poland. Not everyone speaks English, especially the elderly. abroad may be that you have a room to rent or to buy something in person aware of the word in another language. way to learn basic words like hello, to the point of view, thank you, please, and situational alerts for buying and bartering, renting a room, asking directions, etc. In addition, he knows a few words and zwrotóww foreign language is always appreciated among the natives. They will be for you. definitely nicer and more willing to help
. Note. In some countries, the British and Americans were not welcome Sometimes it is better to speak Polish - even if you do not understand - than in English
u Rules clothes / u
Check what are the rules of dressing in the country Sometimes too exposed skin -. applies particularly women - is shocking not only in Islamic countries, but different; ... wnież in Southern Europe If you are a woman, you must realize that not only scanty clothing is also teasing dare these people make only unambiguous suggestions when you walk down the street Do not wear see-through blouse, exposing your back, arms, no legs. In some countries show public hair is shocking. If you want to be treated with respect, you must carefully read with any, even the smallest dress code. also
man can give offense, for example, go to the Shrine shorts - pants must be long until ankles -.

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