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In order to provide money for the holidays

In order to provide money for the holiday Going on holiday often forget the dangers lying in wait for us

Going on holiday often forget about the dangers of ambush for us, many of us a victim of scammers and thieves To avoid unpleasant situations and be able to fully enjoy your holiday, make sure your money accordingly Here are 10 ... useful tips on how to do it.
seafront Before you go clean your wallet or purse. / u Pull Library
wallet cards, all cards, extra credit cards and all you do not need to travel . If something happens to your portfolio, you will not have to worry about blocking the old card and build new ones.
u Make a list. / u
Record credit card numbers and telephone numbers, you need to report them missing . list undergo a friend or relative with whom you will be able to contact if your wallet was stolen.
u sophistication Consider travel card. / u
new version of the classic travelers checks. It is easy to carry and ensure the safe transport of money. Before leaving the card itself supplies a certain amount. This card is PIN protected, which further increases the safety of their money.
u hide money some place. / u
in this way, if lose some money, you will be nothing left. put some money in the portfolio, part of the pocket, and still part of the shoe. Who knows, maybe 20 gold shoes that will save the day.
u bag for the money. / u
market has a huge selection of bags of this type, choose one that suits your style. You can buy a bag tied around the waist, the arm or leg, especially socks with a hidden waterproof pocket or bag at the neck that will protect your money even when swimming .
u reasonable categorizes money. / u
larger sums of money and credit cards buried deep in the bag of money to be spent during the day -. lunch, tickets, souvenirs -. hide in the front pocket if the the day you run out of money, youll be able to get them out of vanity, but do it discreetly. for example, in the toilet.
u Use SAFE Hotel. / u
before you leave room, all the unnecessary extra cash, credit cards and hide valuables in the hotel safe.
u Use caution while in the crowd. / u
If youre staring at the street artists, stores, or you are turmoil, and become an easy target for pickpockets. In such situations, keep your wallet or purse close to each other.
u always counted the money. / u
If you buy something in the high tourist traffic, make sure that the seller has given you rest well and gave a credit card. then easily distract attention. focus on something else and leave the store, without rest or card.
u loudly amount given to another person. / u If
to pay the taxi driver at the box office or shop, have eye contact with another person and say out loud how her hand. It will be less susceptible to fraud and get proper rest.

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