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What to do in the mountains in the summer?

What to do in the mountains in the summer seems to be more and more people are bored and idle vacation at sea

It seems that more and more people are bored and idle for a holiday by the sea constantly lying on the beach turn on active vacations in the mountains in order to pack in the mountains, do not be surprised to see the lack of some important things ..? Our list should help.
u protection from the sun. / u How Mountain resorts are always above sea level, and thus closer to the sun and sun protection is very necessary. It is very important to provide basic protection from the sun and the sun, even if it is winter and snow. Fri refuses Snow White, and two more runs in the skin.
u protection from rain. / u Although the weather sunny, bring a raincoat. In the mountains of Time highly variable, you never know what to expect. Even when you go in the morning and it was nice and clear, and then in the afternoon storm clouds can gather.
u clothes. / u package in order to be able to dress in layers. in the mountains is the perfect way to protect the event of cold or heat. At higher altitudes, it is much cooler than the valleys. So, keep in your backpack, warm sweater, a raincoat and hat. Remember the good shoes.
u water. / u Always carry a bottle of water to avoid dehydration. This is a very common disease, and very dangerous.
seafront suitable shoes. / u The top does not go to the trainers or coaches. So you have to buy shoes suitable for the mountains.
u accident insurance of the mountain. / u This is very important and often overlooked. For example, if you turn your ankle or broken leg, one down mountains can be by air, helicopter mountain rescue service. If you have holiday insurance covers such situations, you must be purchased separately.

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