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How to pack a suitcase

How to pack a suitcase Knowledge of proper packing suitcases is really needed if you want to be seen as a model of researcher

Knowledge of relevant
packing suitcases is really needed if you want to be seen as a model for passengers, most importantly, know how to properly manage the space in the suitcase This is possible thanks to the many ways you can connect with each other .. and mix, until finally Youll find the most suitable for you. Here I will explain how to properly pack a suitcase that was left in it still has room for souvenirs purchased during the holidays.
u Decide how much clothing you have. / u weekend for the city definitely needs less restricted things a week at sea. Consider whether you want to seize the opportunity to wash things in place or not. What time is expected. You must be ready at all.
Travel Bag should be as small as only possible. / u Also, creams, lotions, suntan oils or deodorants should be in small containers. Look in stores without vacuum. Guard and collect them would be ideal for such trips and take up little space
u Make a list of necessary case, preferably the week -. or even two weeks in advance -. / u If you remember something to add to the list If you enter too many things to draw a few really unnecessary - .. it will always be a seafront
instead made clothes, you can simply roll up / u Polo.; .. with clothes flat on the floor, partially deposits - pants in half, and blouses and sleeveless shirts do starting from the bottom of the clothes start to wrap them in a roll in the same way, fold the other clothes .. Youll be surprised how much youll save space. Heavier and larger clothes such as trousers and jackets fold at the bottom, lying on top of shirts, dresses or skirts. Collapse underwear and socks. Place them in plastic bags and then into the shoes. shoes stick to the bottom of a suitcase or side. To avoid bending the flashcards in a bra, you can put it into cups or small containers.
u In the center put a toilet bag. / u is the best if you put them in plastic bags to avoid them in case of spillage, if not the cap.
u You can also set up in a pile of clothes / u. Start with the shirts. Arrange them spread out flat on the floor, one to another. do the sleeves together. Then grab down shirt and the way to the studs, making them in half. These are the shirts, put the suitcase. As for the clothes, put them on the floor of each other and make it in half. Place on their shirts, so that their lower parts coming out of a suitcase. skirts, pants and shirts are half and put the suitcase. At the end of the insert and stocking facilities. then pour over the protruding parts of the garments. In the end I put the suitcase on the shoes and accessories toilet.

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