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How to speak Chinese

How to speak Chinese when you meet someone, say, Ni Hao

when you meet someone, say
Ni Hao - Halo Hano has no
- Whats up
fra General
say Ni Hao, Jiao wo ... - Hi, my name is ...
Ni Jiao, Shenma - mingzi -?, What is your name, If someone asks
Chifanle meiyou? - Are you all right answer
Chifanle? - All the great
Xie Xie - Thank you
Chifanle meiyou - literally means: Have you eaten? not Responding yes or. no This term is used colloquially as Are you all right - Neither Hao - .! Chifanle The best time to respond, Xie Xie and meaning thank you or - which means that I eat and I feel great
forget good manners
use the word qing. - please - Please -
Dui Bu Qi - Im sorry / Excuse me
Bu Yong Xie - Oh, please - in response to a written thank
Jiu - Beer ;
Hong Jiu - wine
? Zhe Duo Shao Qian Ge - How much does it cost
Chinese currency is called Renminbi - RMB or CNY - which means Peoples currency
1 Yuan = 10 Jiao / Mao Jiao
10 / MAO = 100 hair
If you want to refresh you need to ask
CE Suo zai kept? - where is the toilet? - or Qing Wen, Ce Suo Zai Na Li - Lord, where can I find a toilet,
tell about your feelings, you can use expressions:
wo xi huan or - I like you / I love you
Ni Zhen Piao Liang - Youre beautiful! If you want
things go on and kiss the selected / chosen one to tell you
Wo xiang wen no - this is very important in the context of the word bump -. kiss - that smell of hospitals ask us for the best.?
? Yiyuan zai Off
If your colleagues in the room behave politely say that too loud a little hushed.
Bi Zui - meaning! Shut your mouth
As departure time comes you can find public transport means required
Huoche Zhan zai kept? - Where is the train station or
Qong qong Qichu zai kept? - Where is the bus station
Its time to say goodbye? Tell me Now:
Zai Jian - Goodbye

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