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How to pack on vacation

How to pack for vacation Jokes about women for a weekend trip is packed as if they do not have to be at home at least one year, are now shabby

Jokes about women for a weekend trip is packed as if they do not have to be at home at least a year, but shabby gentlemen, according to stereotype, get to the opposite extreme, and packing to go into a tiny suitcase. They are very proud of themselves by looking at seven suitcases wife. Unfortunately, upon arrival at the place of rest, it seems that people do not think of many important elements and all you can buy on the spot. Here are some tips on packing reasonable.
think carefully about where you go and what to do there. not indulge in thoughts like if because usually far been good sports pins, and the sea in the middle of the summer will not be so cold that 10 sweaters and a winter coat
Make a list of necessary cases, by imagining all the possibilities of your holiday a day Think about what will be needed in the morning to the bathroom, which mountaineering expeditions, etc. Once the basic list of the wealthy, such as: .. the charger to the phone, jacket, etc. When packing
her beautician to try to put as many types of products 2in1 or 3in1. This is a considerable saving of space, if instead of three bottles will pack only one, and our luggage did not become monstrously heavy.
money always pack at least two places such as handbags and luggage. So, if you lose one of these things, do not remain entirely without resources.
If you pack clothes in a suitcase just crushing them arrange your bags carefully folded. Top poprzekładaj different clothes bibułkowym thin paper , thereby reducing the degree of removal.
Whether traveling to the hotel or Guest House, take a few extra hangers in hotel closet, because you will not find the proper amount.
zajechaniu Once in place, and unpack your bags, you will find that the May some of his clothes wrinkled. In this situation, simply hang them on hangers in the bathroom before showering, steam rises from effectively correct the crumpled cloth.
every trip we take with him a bottle of whiskey. daily glass will provide us with all possible resistance to disease and infection.
If traveling by plane, remember the most important and valuable things packed in hand luggage. It is also important to put, toiletries and underwear. will protect us from the consequences of any delay or loss of our actual luggage.

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