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How the pet on the plane

How to get a pet on an airplane if you are thinking about traveling with your pet by airplane, you must consider several things

wondering if a trip with your pet by airplane, you must consider several things, but do not pack up the dog on the plane and did not collect it in dog has feelings too In addition, the number of rules that determine how animals should be transported. Read these tips do not make any gaffes.
u must take into account the very real possibility that your pet is ill. / u Especially if the flight will last longer than five hours. So, if you you are considering this option, you must be prepared for it. Do not forget the animals, primarily, it should be well prepared and protected. Put the cage in which your pet will be transported objects familiar to him. He would if necessary, to feel a familiar scent, which will help combat stress.
u decide whether to wear a dog in the hold if you have it with you. / u If you choose the first option, make sure the pet will have enough food and water. to remember that no one will care for your pet better than you. Yet want your pet to have as little stress and, if possible, the best conditions during the journey if you choose a pet with you -. recommended, especially with young pets -. you will be able to make it all the time on the eye if you can upset the animal petting it, to say a few words that will persuade him and be there for them at any time.

u If you are planning an international flight, be prepared to charge the customs offices. / u When passing through the gateway, you must also remove the animal from the cage that could easily pass through the gateway monitoring. Hold at this time the animal is very much with me, that the stress does not escape anywhere.
u Make sure you decide on the appropriate airline. / u should not be limited when it comes to transport animals.
Keeping a close watch pet. / u

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