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How to survive in the woods

How to survive in the woods Have you ever walk in the woods and enjoy the wild flowers, or gazing at the tops of trees, suddenly you realize that you do not know where you are and what youre all alone what will happen if you can not find? Way back? Taking lost in the woods can be an unpleasant experience, it is important to have at least basic knowledge and common sense when you find yourself in this situation

you ever walk in the woods and enjoy the wild flowers, or gazing at the tops of trees, suddenly you realize that you do not know where you are and what youre all alone what will happen if not? Find a way back? Getting lost in woods can be an unpleasant experience, it is important to have at least basic knowledge and common sense when were in this situation. We must remember that we all have to cope and survive for several days shelter, heat, water, food and lots of patience.
u Do panic. / u is the worst of the panic, you can make up your mind, because it can not reasonably think that remains to do in this situation. How did you know that youve lost before you do anything else - stop Take a deep breath Try and stay calm even if you owe for the slope of the mountain with a broken leg, repeat to myself that there are people who have come out unscathed from such a situation ...
u stand and look around carefully. / u Where are you now , this is your point zero. Find a way to celebrate it in some way, like a piece of material, stones, a piece of paper or whatever, whatever you have handy, which is easily visible from a distance.
u stay in one place, / u, and not only increase your chances of being rediscovered, but also save energy loss that your body will get used to roam the woods in search of the road. and save on water and food. Squat and focus . After all, someone will be looking for you, especially if someone uprzedziłeś you into the woods.

.. u Mark the place where you are / u You can increase your chances of finding the way, someone will quickly notice a lot of noise. whistle, shout, sing, throw stones if you can, mark the spot, so visible from the air. If you are in a clearing, put the dark branches and leaves in the shape of a triangle. sand to create a triangle in the sand. triangles formed from a variety of things that the signal for the investigative teams who are at its center.
u Try to identify the field. / u, but remember not to stray too far from the zero point, can always come back to it.
u Find or create your own haven. / u Without it, you will be directly exposed to external factors that cause - Weather Forecast -. hypothermia or heat stroke if not properly dressed, a withdrawal is your number one priority Fortunately , the forest is a place where you can find lots of help. things, such as housewives. Home - Search for a fallen tree or chylącego It May be helpful in building something like extensions Use of this branch, broad leaves of plants Home - Take brake or branches of trees for protection from rain, wind, snow or NED Home -. Caves are very good cover, but be careful not to take bear, snakes or other dangerous animals to find out if the cave is so stable that. not be.
in Find a source of drinking water. / u is generally accepted that you can hold up to three days without water. But you must remember that at the end of the second day you will be in good condition Home -. best source of water is the source, but the chances to find some, unfortunately, not too Another good source of the river water, but keep in mind that drinking water from the stream is not very healthy, however, when ... lost in the woods, and you are without water, the risk of disease becomes of secondary importance Homepage -. You can also use the female patients without a shirt, jacket, wrap them around your wrist and collect dew from the grass in the morning
u clean water .. / u One of the forms of the water is warm. In To ensure that the bacteria are dead, and let it boil for 3 minutes.
u looking for something to eat. / u You know that most adults can survive for about three weeks without food, if their bodies were wyziębione . It is better to be hungry than sick and healthy. Make sure you go to eat food that is not harmful to your health.
- .. Do not be afraid to eat worms and other insects can eat a grasshopper, and its disgusting, but it gives you all nutrients contrast, all insects should be cooked before eating, because they can carry different diseases do not eat caterpillars and insects in bright colors .. because you can not eat poisoned wasps and other insects that can burn or bite you Remember to remove the head, legs and wings before eating Home - housewife. If youre near water, you can try to catch fish hurdles can eat a whole large fish should be cooked or fried Home - .. Berries are a good solution to their color will tell you whether or not berries to eat or not white and yellow berries are poisonous in 90 percent of blue and black ... the most - about 90% - are suitable for eating Red, however, give us a 50 percent chance that they are not generally toxic, berries covered with small nodules, such as raspberries and blackberries are 100% sure ...

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