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What to see in the Podhale?

What to see in the Podhale mountain Mountains and Zakopane is not just art

Hilly mountains and art is not only Zakopane Many can also be seen visiting the area are some suggestions for what is worth seeing in the Podhale
Shrine of Our Lady Queen of Podhale in Ludźmierz .. FIG. Virgin Mary was probably about 1400 and since this particular time around focuses on the religious life of almost the entire mountain. It is also worth noting that the oldest settlement Ludźmierz around Podhale privilege granted by Casimir the Great in 1346, but the first mention of the place comes from the 1234th
Bukowina near Zakopane is located, is a great place to relax, there are many ski lifts, hiking trails and hot springs. addition Bukowina has a very nice view of the Tatra mountain range. Historic Buildings
Chochołów village. Chochołów is located a few kilometers from the center of Zakopane, a town consists almost exclusively of native mountain huts, which are traditionally thrown annually in white, which makes it look like new. In the central place of brick neo-Gothic church of St. Jack built the 70-ies of the nineteenth century.
Poronin already in the early nineteenth century was a summer resort, known for more than Zakopane. However, there is a great Poles, as Jan Matejko Casimir break Tetmajer Leon Wyczółkowski Jan Kasprowicz, Orkan, Leopold Staff. In 1947, Lenin Museum was established here, and erected a monument. Museum was liquidated in 1990 and toppled the monument. Today, the building of the municipal cultural center. Poronin a great vacation destination for those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Podhale is the most valuable treasure of five wooden Gothic churches belong Wooden Architecture Route of Małopolska . first is located in the capital of Podhale Nowy Targ, the other four in Łopuszna Harklowa and Grywałd and Dębno Podhalańskie. building on half of a special building, covered with shingles, and their shrines are oriented to the east.

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