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Tips and ideas for travel can be found in the Travels category. How to travel by plane, train, bus, student travel, travel costs by car, family vacation packages and cheap travel insurance.


How can I drop cups with map

How do I drop a cup with a card if you travel a lot is what you need

If you travel a lot is something you need to immediately start work pads, cups after every time some pads will be the place most in the memory of you Thanks to these pads every time you drink tea ..... remember pleasant moments These pads can also make a gift for your współpodróżników
lay my cards on the mat for cutting, pattern put the machine down on a card with a knife and cut her office -. or before the redraw, and then cut with scissors -.
Apply Mod podge on one side of the cork pads and glue-cut cards just push the arm to get rid of all bubbles
Put on top of the map. i thin washer under side mode and set to dry. In this way to make a full range of pads.

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