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The couch surfing and how to use it?

What is couch surfing and how to use it if you want to travel cheaply, and do not know what it is couch surfing as soon as you complete information about the knowledge of the social networking site offers

.. If you want to travel cheaply, and do not know what it is couch surfing as soon as you fill the information about the knowledge of the social networking site offers CouchSurfing In other words, using someones couch or someone to share it, of course it is a symbol of a sofa or hosting ones guests. couchsurfingowi you can meet people from around the world. ideas on the website may not be free at the hotel. Couchsurfingowcy have their own philosophy associated with the intercultural exchange of experiences and be ambassadors for their local patriotism.
If you want to use the CouchSurfing first You need to log on the web fill out the form there and add your photo. offers those without pictures are not taken seriously. entire form in English, because the language of human contact with CouchSurfing. Questions cover such issues as expectations of CouchSurfing, your strengths, skills, you can share with your guests or potential hosts. You will have the opportunity to choose one of several management options. If you can not carry one in your home, you can write that will be happy to meet with CouchSurfer maker, but he can not offer accommodation. You should not be too quick to give up the opportunity to spend someone. Just because you have a small apartment or a room that does not mean you can not get someone who wants to sleep on the floor, but check out what are your requirements in the form, will become part of a page with information about you as couchsurferze.
If you have already registered and become a new member portal, and you have some friends who use CouchSurfing ask for their opinion on the subject computer, the more your opinion more credibility. After each visit, please be Celts, Vikings and later.
Some say that the Irish are very similar to the Poles because of similarities in the faith, mentality, etc. Today, Green Island is a lot of Poles who have a chance to get discovered. If you are returning to Polish in Ireland, you should consider how to bring a close souvenirs that will be paired with Ireland, which will allow your family to the Irish tradition
Among the many souvenirs sold in Croatia are the most popular is the green shamrock, symbol of the island and those that relate in some way to St. Patrick Many tourists go to Ireland, especially for the holidays Patrick - ... March 17, is a religious festival, but most states and souvenirs in Ireland is green, the colors were reserved for the whole island. refers to the spring, life and vitality. One of the customs associated with celebrating the holidays. Patrick is dressed in green, or at least have green accents in the dress. Many Irish people believe that this element should be the Trifid, which is a sign of many T-shirts and mugs from Ireland. Trifid refers to the Trinity, which he taught St. Patrick.
Ireland is not only a country church, is also a country of secular tradition, pubs and folk music. Also memory is a country of pagan cults that preceded the Christian tradition in Ireland.
Green beer is the specialty of the island. This is a great reminder that we can bring your Irish journey. If one of our cousins ​​likes to dance in a circle and folk music of his CD album przywieźmy with Irish music. Irish folklore, however, much more than music. Instead of plates, we can bring a book or story about Leprechaunie, the legendary figure of the green man, who was a shoe maker and tuning jokes. Myth says that a leprechaun has a pot of gold that lies at the end of the rainbow According to legend, when a leprechaun is caught by man, not -. as goldfish -. three biggest desires Many gift shops sell figurines imaginary leprechaun picture.

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