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How to pack for a backpacking holiday

How to pack for a vacation backpacking trip with a backpack is one of the best forms of travel, and

travel with a backpack is one of the best forms of travel, and -. Cheapest We are not tied to any place, so we are free to go where our feet will suffer the downside of these trips, however, need to lug around a heavy backpack ... going on vacation with a travel agent do not worry about the weight - in the end poleży backpack at or in the worst case, the vehicle with us on the bus, so we pack it all in the case of travel in a backpack so you must be aware of that time will come .. We carry all your luggage almost the entire day to avoid rejection of things half abroad, we must learn the art of packing light Here are some tips: Pack your clothes ..
in such a suit, which is not seen too many Make dirt that everything fits together and each garment can be worn with any other. Also, shoes should fit in each of the sets of clothes.
toughest wear clothes on the plane.
Take one or two or . pairs of shoes on backpacking trips are useful sports shoes - youll see them, move, travel and all flip-flops Japan almost never take place and the very light they should be such that it can be .. go to the pub tonight, go and visit take a shower so simple, black plastic, and preferably cheap -. because it will destroy it and throw it on the spot to buy a new -. Black is best, because the color corresponding to each set of clothes
such Pack clothes that can be easily washed in the sink, and that will dry overnight. There is nothing worse to travel with a backpack of clothes wolnoschnących. If your clothes to dry over night is not to put wet backpack like the rest zaśmierdzi clothes to go buy a backpack decay
lightest possible -. preferably less than 1 kg -. of course good to have lots of side pockets - its easier to organize cosmetics
hardest., all ladies should reduce their numbers by at least half. It is best to go buy a mini products intended to travel. Even if it goes away for a month or two to keep in mind that in the whole world to buy shampoo or soap. Therefore it is best to get everything in a mini version of the package.
clothes that will not throw away the shame before returning home. In place of clothes are packaged as souvenirs.
Pack up a nice time, and not the worst., of course, may fall, but what do you need an umbrella? Top wet. Pack only those things that Im sure you could use them.
Pack his clothes with lightweight materials such as fleece and wool are not. Many synthetic fibers provide the same warmth and not heavy.

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