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Things to remember visiting Gabon

Things to remember visiting Gabon Fashion for trips to little known and even pristine places, there are already several years and anyone who can afford it financially, it has a chance to go to the extreme corners of the Earth

trips to little known and even pristine places, there is already a few years ago, and anyone who can afford it financially, it has a chance to go to the extreme corners of the earth could be an interesting place. It Gabon is a country located in the Central Africa, the Atlantic Ocean color appears on the flag are symbols and represent what should be associated with this place ... the forest green, yellow sun and blue water on land and sea adventures to decide in this beautiful country, you should remember a few things
after diplomatic
Polish Consulate in Libreville
Honorary Consul: Andrzej Władysław Debski - Lake Polish, French -
Libreville - Gabon BP .. tel 0.3278
00241-73 19 95 Gabon
residents are people with direct and open to others, even the Europeans can be seen as a lack of respect and lack of distance, remember that we are in the side. country and we should accept the culture that prevails in it.
women come together and raise children together. After 16 years of achievement issued by the girls married and boys have a choice between science and labor.
Almost all adults Gabończycy stay married, but the vast majority of them are illegal because they were not included in the mayors office , which would be illegal. It is important to note that polygamy is acceptable here as long as a man willing to take another woman is unable to maintain it.
in this country have children from a woman before marriage is almost mandatory. Once the child with her mother some kind of protection, because in case of divorce, children born within marriage are father, mother can stop at just those that belonged to her before the wedding.
entrance in Gabon, Polish citizens have a valid visa and transit. can be obtained from Gabonese diplomatic missions abroad, eg in Paris or Berlin.
border guards may ask to see a return ticket, it means to live, hotel reservation.
best means of transportation in the country of its aircraft, the country has about 200 airports . There are also mini-buses and taxis too expensive if you want to move the car has been honored with Polish and international driving licenses
Gabon is one of the most expensive African countries, the price of everyday life in the range of 100-150 dollars - 300-450 PLN .. -. If you want to be sure that our money will be adopted, let us ensure that dollars or francs CFA.
Because of the high risk of tropical diseases require vaccination against yellow fever. also recommends vaccinations against typhoid, polio, hepatitis A and B .
While in Gabon should avoid eating foods and drinks of unknown origin, as in other tropical countries. Also swimming, especially in standing water, can cause disease, parasitic infections, so we should not be put to the test.

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