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How to patch the tube with laces

How to patch the tube with drawstrings life can surprise you

Life can surprise often happens that in the least expected circumstances such surprises may include capturing the so-called shell suppose to go for a bike ride in the middle of the road we heard a strange sound wleczącego ... for us, of course . look back and see nothing. refuse, and no one could. I look down and find the cause of this terrible noise. to harsh criticism. Dziurawa pipe or other slipper. What to do in this situation? Read the article below.

To restore luster bladder must first get out of rubber. To remove imbusami brakes, in order to facilitate the removal of tires. Do not forget to deflate the tire. Then unscrew the screws that hold the wheel and remove them.
Now you have to remove the tire from the wheel axis This is not an easy task, however, it was used to mimic the flat lever, such as a knife, screwdriver or key Put lever between the tire and wheel - ... be careful not to break more tubes - and then pry while he jumps off the bottom of the tire axis
When you get to pass the start lever -. screwdriver or something else -. along the axis of the wheel tire to jump Partial removal of tires, inner tube to escape ... Now you can rest
Now is the time Unfortunately for the victim, you have solved your shoe -. shoes or spouse / co-workers -. and remove the strap if it is not your shoe politely apologize and promise compensation
.. The most important point of repair you need to find a hole if you consume chewing gum to glue it in Then place breathing pofałduj - Make accordion .. -. around the inner tube, which has identified a hole holes must be directed to the interior and must be overwhelmed with the different times. around the area
occurrence wrap lace holes. it hard to be well squeezed tube and folds are scattered. Put in a small heart because it will be the guarantor of proceeding.
Replace the tire and inner tube behind the wheel again. Tighten all screws and inflate the tire. Do not overdo it with the pressure in the circuit, because if too much likely to drive again, youll have some surprises. When you get to the nearest bike shop to change the tire. a good trip!

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