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How to hitchhike

How to hitch-hike you want to get to a nearby town or village of a dozen or several hundred kilometers, you should be very careful about grabbing the opportunity

Would you like to get to a nearby town or village of a dozen or several hundred kilometers, you should be very careful about grabbing the chance You should also remember certain principles here are some useful tips ...
u Invest in a good map. / u
detailed, accurate map is worth any money. best if your card will have a significant parking, catering and accommodation. also aware, no roads, which should go.
Be careful u. / u
u / u j EWS Scan ID - a passport if you travel abroad - .. and send an e-mail useful for you, if you lose its original Just go to your nearest library or internet cafe and print to go with her. copies to the nearest embassy of the country. course report doom that no unauthorized person has used your documents. Wear of the bank with that card. call immediately after you lose it that no one chose for their money. Carry pepper spray. It will be useful when you hit that type criminals.
u Take a pill. / u
write about where you want to go. not necessarily the place to which the It really happens. you can travel from one place to another. wear a black marker pen and some paper.
u Find a place where riders will be able to safely stop. / u
stand in the way of the city in the direction want to go. stand in the place where it will be very visible in kierowcó, preferably along the road where the speed limit of 50-60km / h in well-lit, and where the driver will be able to fit in accordance with the rules, without paralyzing traffic.

Well u presented. / u
dress properly, you must inspire trust, otherwise no one will stop you. smile. Keep a written piece of paper with the name of the city in which you want to go. look up. Generally, more People catch rate, the less chance that someone will stop. All in all, certainly not zmieścicie. divided groups.
U very careful parts of the road. / u is better to be
wysadzonym at a gas station or just outside center than at the point where it will be difficult to catch the next opportunity. It is important to wear well-marked map. If you stop someone does not want to go tell him that youre waiting for the next person youll be able to continue or to another location. Just because someone has stopped, does not mean you have to go with it.

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