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How to prevent dry skin while tanning

How to prevent dry skin while tanning love to show off a beautiful, bronze tan

we wanted to boast a beautiful, bronze-skinned, but the sun is easy to dry skin, dry skin and aging faster Here are some tips on what to do to prevent dry skin, even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.
sunbathe with your head. Do not sit in the sun between 12 and 14 hours in the sun at this time, although the fastest tan, but mostly dry.
Apply sunscreen. Even If you do not risk sunburn creams with little use of the filter To protect your skin from harmful rays and dryness.
tan is seen to use a tanning activators that quickly provide a desired color.
After Special use sun cream if long cooling tans your skin several hours after removal from the sun can provide water because it is very hot
soothing after-sun use - moisturizers ... yogurt for a body that moisturizes the skin and restore its balance.
Apply before sun cream with a dense texture of butter, they will ensure the protection of the skin barrier which allows longer stays safe.
while tanning to drink plenty of water to replace fluids and inside.

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