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How to be safe on the road

How to be safe on the road Travel woman is exposed to many dangers, especially if the same

traveled woman is exposed to many dangers, especially if the same are some tips that will help you to be safe for the entire trip Some of them seem obvious, but it is worthwhile to refresh a few messages that can .. decide about your health or even life.
Make copies of all documents that you take with you on the road. Keep them in a different place than the original. In an e-mail that you send us information about your documents, as as passports, identity cards, content, etc. would be helpful if all were lost or stolen
Take a trip and a few things -. just the basics that are sure to use them. does not offer its assistance to carry or transmit any packets whose contents are not 100% sure. to transport drugs can spend several years in prison, or even be sentenced to death!
before traveling to find out what is the countrys culture and what are the rules of dressing Embassy - which can be useful abroad . br Tell
close their plans leave the exact coordinates of where youll find - .. Hotel name, address, phone, flight plan if you are new to the hotel where you stop your address to send SMS immediately after registration at the reception.
other passengers do not tell you exactly where you are, where you live and how long you plan to travel. Someone might hear you. ON-SITE
If possible, try to order from the airport and from someone you know if you replace the driver perceives him to ask before about who exactly is on hold -. still know his name -. and where you plan to drive
Select a hotel or bed and breakfast located on a relatively busy street, which has many restaurants and shops are active late into the night. This place is much safer from the nearby park in a secluded and quiet place.
Always leave the door of his room bulletin board not Disturb - Do Not Disturb - even if youre not in the room Baggage Identification will help deter potential thieves
always keep documents such as passports, personal ID i. at an ATM.
Come to the group. If you see a group of tourists, come quite close to them and pretend that you are with them. You can just walk someone. not be in a group of thirty years. Only families with children.
walking down the street alone does not show after you so that you are a tourist. hide camera bag or under clothing.
never tell anyone that you are alone. informs all the interesting stranger .. youre waiting for a friend or your boyfriend
Avoid wearing tight clothing and provocative avoid harassment from men should also wear an engagement ring and avoided eye contact - this can be done to help the wearing of sunglasses -.
behave with confidence. You need to know where to go, what to do right and go safely. Trust deter thieves and distorts. Do not ask random strangers you meet on the road for directions. If you need to do is ask the bank clerk lady at the reception in a hotel or retailer.
careful what you drink. You do not want anyone to have something to drink, he said, I never allow myself to buy them a drink or make a bar for foreigners - even if we know that a few days - did you meet, even on vacation - a housewife .. To order your drink with you and do not go away from it if you must go to the toilet, after returning to buy a new drink Old longer finish
not obnoś corporate clothing and expensive jewelry. bar with a big buckle Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci sunglasses company will only pay unnecessary attention of thieves. Do not boast about the money. will only bring destruction.

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