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How to introduce elements of the Swedish educational system to teach

How to introduce elements of the Swedish educational system, teaching Swedish education innovators tend to combine centuries-old traditions and new trends in higher education

education innovators tend to combine centuries-old traditions and new trends in higher education reformers want to convert Swedish art teaches the art of teaching children how to learn on its own at the opening of private educational institutions, so we turn to .. design from Scandinavia, as what they put on an integrated learning and raise self-sufficiency.
Swedish schools model assumes that it should have discovered the youngest children, and so three czterolatkowie. should be an excellent school for ordinary people
. school centers should combine early childhood education from elementary school.
modern school has to combine an interest in nature and art. much focus on foreign languages. communication in such a school should also be partly in English, which is the basis for communication in the world.
basis of education must adopt the concept of multiple types of intelligence. Education must be tailored to different types of students.
Organize a school called. Luke Knowledge - ... to modern information technology with three major database design center for communications and multimedia production Beware multimedia publications specializing in publishing additional material for study, to supplement and expand the lessons will also provide educational and training center, where teachers, coaches, staff common room, the directors will be able to acquire knowledge.
place a strong emphasis on experimental activities in the field. In many schools are neglected aspect of physical education. science of nature in the field, survival in the woods, hiking and integrated sports activities are the foundation of the Swedish model
Swedish School is a school without walls. -. students will not only have to sit in the pews, but to gain knowledge through a series of experiences
Try to cooperate with local authorities and local media to initiate the opening of the center to serve the parents and the community. This center is designed to connect all schools and families in the local community and contribute to the improvement of education. It is ideal for organizing events, competitions, interschool and share experiences.
This puts the future of schools primarily on the quality and variety rather than quantity, stiff frame and programs to discourage learning.

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