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How to finance your studies

How to finance your studies known to be without full-time just as a theory, and the cost of living in the study were often higher than the semester fee for part-time study

known to freelance full time Its just a theory, and the cost of living in the study were often higher than the semester fee for part-time study, however, if anyone cares to study day and at the same time not be counted. Monthly aid in the form of transfers from family, it remains to find a way to patch a hole in its budget. Here are some ideas.
students have low income per person in the family can apply for maintenance support. In addition, you must provide proof of income from the IRS - and usually wait two weeks, so please do not leave documents at the last moment - and other documents that show income from the student and his family usually, in the case of a successful application for a scholarship in the first place. war takes place around November / December and the first months of the academic year must somehow deal with other sources. In addition to support from this source are generally not too young student opportunities such as a marriage when one spouse works. You can get the benefits of social grants in the form of grants to food and housing. To receive a scholarship, of course, legitimate residential lease because the rent must be presented when applying. no problem with students who live in the home.
school that also rely on incidental allowance. This is a one-time assistance for a particular purpose , which must be described in the application. usually involved small quantities, and the effectiveness of the proposal is highly dependent on the number of letters received from other students, and those who have a university for this purpose in a given month.
maybe a student loan? In todays uncertain labor market and high unemployment rates, we all feel fear at the thought of entanglement in new debt. However, there is no denying that a further tranche of 600 zl / month will improve the financial situation of many students. disadvantage of this solution is a lot of paper work through passing through the settlement agreement with the bank. must meet income criteria, and in some cases, also to find a guarantor. credit is granted for a maximum amount of 30 thousand zl. Repayment begins two years after graduation, and lasts two times longer than the period of receiving the loan . Students who complete the program among the top 5 percent of college graduates can expect to write off the repayment of borrowed money.
And if the number of classes allows you to do, ask for extra work. This makes the solution of their financial problems, and get a new experience.

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