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How to choose a supervisor

How to choose a supervisor Contrary to appearances, the selection screen of your work is a thing almost as important as the choice of topics

. Despite appearances
selection screen of your work is a thing almost as important as the selection of items This promoter will be for two years, the person whose skills and knowledge that will be reliable, it will also be mobilized in constant progress in writing and require the following chapters. What, then, when it reaches the final target selection?
basic criterion should be research in the field, which realizes a given employee. usually a few people care about the work, a topic he is not particularly close, so if you have a specific idea for the theme of his work to suggest someone who is interested in it. but only if you are looking for ideas, however, select the field whose research will lead to potentially the greatest pleasure. Try not to come to the meeting at which the tutor to decide the case of his research, without any idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir own, relying only on what will be offered. If the supervisor prefers the label of their students ready for development issues, at least make sure that you get something that bores you.
Decide what style of work suits you. not want someone constantly asking you, the effects of his thoughts, seminars or meetings in the following chapters, or if you prefer a peaceful and independent preparatory works when you just feel like that? Usually people who have problems with rigorous systematic work appreciate the promoters, since its requirements to allow it to defend the right time. Rather, they are ambitious and imposing a high pace of work can feel a bit depressed, so they should find someone gives students more freedom.
If you can, and you know other students who are willing to work under the guidance of their supervisors, do not hesitate to ask how the collaboration. A key question that needs to be specifically available for the invitation and the opportunity to lighten their concerns under the authority, which should be by the supervisor. Avoid people who tend to leave their students on the ice. probably be an exception when you run into any problems you have someone to ask for advice. good supervisor should eventually throw mark on the debate, criticizing a solution that does lead to a dead end, or - if necessary, suggest additional reading.

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