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To reduce the cost of living in a big city

To reduce the cost of living in the big city, when suddenly we move from a small town in the capital, often initially overwhelmed with confusion

.. when suddenly moving from a small town in the capital, often initially overwhelmed with confusion new environment, a faster pace of life, long distances every day to overcome the higher prices are often the reason for the concern you just such a situation, or perhaps you are a student who is looking for a way to save a few pennies, you have to use the following tips.
If you rent an apartment, select a location from the head. for accommodation in the center usually pay more than the edge of town - except for that the sole possession of a higher standard -. Keep in mind the amount of service charges, and the presence of the counters Consider the decomposition of the apartment window, which faces east-west, and besides -. location of this center will reduce fees for warmth. Check-ups, if they are wooden , old style, ask when you are planning to replace.
If only allows you to do such a distance from home to school, enjoy a walk. thus avoid traffic jams and not always accurate buses and trams, plus dotlenisz your body. If you have to deal with a bit of a distance and do not have a car, use a monthly ticket.
Do not give up their cultural entertainment. Many museums offer free weekly tickets for visitors Additionally, an annual European Night of Museums -. not miss this moment of note in Open air concerts -. usually not ticketed, and can provide interesting experience Enjoy the benefits of cheap shops with books .. Take
go Shopping wisely not overpay for food, do not buy such meat only a few packages because they are promoting, you know you can not cope with so much food do not overdo the amount of bread - .. better to eat fresh bread every day, but eat a week old. Do not throw away food. go shopping with a list of needed items, and not buy something else. ask yourself little effort to find the best price options when it comes to chemical products. usually have a close, there are several chain stores, because it is easier to find on the promotion of detergent or cleaning.
Learn how to cook. eat in restaurants in the city is easy and convenient but not always economical .. high degree of probability for a similar amount that you are able to prepare a tastier, more nutritious meals and more so why not try
And above all - feel right at home in a new place of residence, and certainly the world is better.

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