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Student roommate or what to choose?

? Student or roommate what to choose to find your angle on this task for the academic year in which, each year millions of scholars

.. Finding
own angle on this task for the academic year, rather than every year millions of scientists that occasion, there are many questions that you choose dormitory accommodation, the old lady, a student can be borrowed from each? Options has its advantages and disadvantages, we propose that the criteria might be important in the way of choice.
Price with limited resources is important, if not the most important criterion is the price. talk reality here in favor of academics, but the desire to live apart from them, you still need to be within the established criteria, usually involving a hometown away from the place of work and income per family. If our request is denied for a home, you can still pomieszkać with friends for example, a month after this period, ask about the place again. Usually not all people who received the award for the accommodation, some are moving too quickly to another location, so that there is a possibility of getting a place, despite the initial failure. And it is definitely worth a try its application in other years, because then it will be easier for the position.
distance from the university.
usually only argument also speaks in favor of the home. Cities are close student of the university, or at least it has good connections. If you want to rent a room or an apartment with friends, we must reckon with an increase in price approaching academic complexes. That does not mean that if we want to live so cheaply, we are doomed to seedy location on the outskirts of town. Tyko need to be patient, because the search for suitable material, or flat and usually a long time. It did not do it at the last minute since then property prices still rising.
social life, or a quiet seat in the notes?
usually well worth the answer to the question of priorities. We do not want to devote years of solid science, or abandon the acquisition of knowledge for the session? if The first question the answer is yes, you have to decide whether or not the appropriate place, but usually a busy social life dorm for us to be quiet roommate. It all depends on the temperament, ability to focus on their issues, or time management. also the home of the rooms learning, and their position usually favors przesiadywaniu in libraries. In addition, all kinds of notes and papers are classes that you can usually get it soon.
temperament and approach to privacy.
Not without significance is the way we look at privacy issues. Do you feel comfortable around other people, whether you are a lonely, and can appreciate the company, but sometimes we need a place to be excluded from reality and just stay together? From his candid answers to these questions will determine whether we feel good in our new location, ie, we run away from him.

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