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How to choose a course for yourself

How to choose a course for yourself standing just before deciding on the choice of studies and are still wondering which direction you choose

stand just before deciding on the choice of studies and are still wondering what direction to choose is well known that in childhood we all played and dreamed of being a doctor, a fireman, a model. Or hairdresser. During adolescence, our dreams can change many times. I think it is worth looking at older people who have completed their studies or are already doing. If you still have to conduct such discussions are still wondering, read this article that will help you to better target.
u What are your hobbies / u
really very important to do what you like, because it will probably do the best you can. It is worthwhile to analyze what really gives you pleasure. If szyłaś always dresses for dolls or the later creations of own sake is certainly a fashion design and sewing will be your best course. On the other hand, if you prefer to stay in the kitchen and is continuously developing new ideas cooking can never be a chef or pastry.
u Consider what you are doing very well / u
fact, most people are divided into those that are near or humanistic mind. If youve ever gone bad math, you can think about the direction associated with the financial and construction. If you turn in Polish and English language are your pony that would be good to reflect on the related field of study.
u Check your interests / u
Each of us probably has a hobby, but often only think of him without thinking of lives. Each of us has an interest, that reveal theme selection of books, walking to the movies with such, and not watching movies or other programs on a particular topic. If you prefer to watch advertisements and wondering about the idea that you do not choose the direction associated with it. If you want direction research programs are closely related to physics and chemistry will be right for you safely.
u Experiment / u
Anyone can make mistakes. During the study may be that the direction of the brand does not suit your interests -. you can always change I know many people who have done so even those who have completed the course and began a new, completely different, as we shall see in practice that is not what you really want to do.
u watch other / u
Its no big deal to see how others are doing and doing and what you can about them; ... binding is not always true as you might think to raise the attractiveness of the experts often do not realize what the reality
u Sort your priorities / u
have to think about what is really important to you in life. you can bet on a career that requires a lot of sacrifice associated with overtime at work and more attention to family life and the possibility of the victim as most recently? whether long trips, and you count with a change of residence from time to time? This is all important in the future would not fall into the trap of re-training or lack of work.
U Follow your heart / u
decisions often to take into account what reason dictates. analyze the advantages and disadvantages, listen to suggestions and opinions of others. often taken in this way, decisions are incorrect and do not give us satisfaction chcianej. Sometimes you will hear the voice of the heart and act accordingly. Maybe at the beginning you will meet with criticism, but believe me, I guarantee you that after a while, turn it 180 degrees. your satisfaction and success will be appreciated by others.

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