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How to treat dysgraphia

How to heal with dysgraphia dysgraphias what happens when a childs writing is almost illegible

of dysgraphia is what happens when a childs writing is almost illegible letter dysgraficznym The letters are deformed and the lack of certain elements, changing the position and direction of the letters in the word addition, there was inadequate compaction letters .. and their proportions . dysgraphia can be mitigated, but it is very difficult and painstaking work that requires systematic work. Here are some ways to exercise your childs handwriting.
most popular, as it is used in kindergarten nice way to develop the character of childrens letters are templates of letters to be repaired. These templates are learning how to write and deliver a child to practice the movements during typing. Over time, the form letters that says a child without a template, improves. Translator child that when you write should be focused. This operation requires great care and Besides commitment, you have to work systematically, because working fine will cause gaps in the education of the most effective way to overcome dysgraphia systematically
childrens hand trembling while writing, is uncertain - to help him ... the child feels. the great responsibility to write nice letter, and certainly do not want to disappoint you. This is the kind of pressure, which might reflect on the nature of the letter. Explain that even come out wrong, and you are so proud of his progress. This child is very important when you notice that your childs hand trembles as you type, donate it and help him draw the letters your child needs to feel their support and commitment - ... encourage them to systematic work on the manuscript
While learning to write well, do not ignore the spelling So what if a child learns to write, but will make terrible mistakes queries child with words, play with him in the spelling of the child association is very easy and quick to learn to use the association -.?. for example, UL spelling words can be explained as a live bees in the hive, they can fly and pollinate the flowers, U must be open. That way you can be sure that the spelling of the word will be quickly brought under control -.
Work together with your child as soon as you can search it for work to do, and it will take care of themselves, the child quickly discouraged Children are very prone to work - ... only use it for effective learning Check your progress every now and awards - awards for safety and encourage your child to continue to work .

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