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How to prepare your child for kindergarten

How to prepare your child for kindergarten to now you were a child properly inseparable, but now is slowly time when you need him to give up a little and send his wings with his peers and the protection of women kindergarten

Until now you were a child properly inseparable, but now is slowly time when you need him to give up a little and send his wings with his peers and nursery care for women is often more stressful experience for yourself. Parents from their children . Children are usually excited to go to kindergarten and they enjoy the idea of ​​social games with their peers. However, it is our child prepare for this moment for him while away those first days.
First of all, children from infancy to accustomed to live under the supervision of someone other than parents. can participate grandmother, aunt or friend. point is that the child is able to feel comfortable and confident, even if not very close. too strong habituation to the presence of the mother and may lead the real hysteria, as a child disappears from sight.
you can read stories together, where the heroes go to the nursery and very comfortable. Kids love to identify with the heroes of the story books and much easier it is time to stop its obstacles.
Remember that before sending your child to kindergarten teach them basic things enough to be able to eat the same, you end up in the toilet, wear shoes with Velcro, etc. It is very important, because if there is, as he knew how to use a spoon, it may be ridiculed by their peers and feel a bit removed from the rest.
Enjoy your time with your child to go to kindergarten. I tell him how he entered the house, as well as entertain, and that was nice. streak of preschool childrens adventure , laugh together, and soon your child just wants to experience something like that, and I can not wait for the first day of kindergarten.
Let your child go to kindergarten is like going to work, as well as mom and dad. Try feels great and adults. Explain that, just as the child would get up early and went to his little work, and after It is possible that the child feels no one loves you, because they do not keep up with their peers in science and gets a lower rating. May He also did not like him, that although such a decent and peaceful, the other children - more openly and loudly, they receive praise and chooses to wear them this series. Let the child explain what its thing, and should encourage greater openness to the school.
If you decide that a child can not help yourself, go to school. But here, keep calm and not be immediately angrily blamed her teachers for all the problems of the child. Talk together, find out what is the situation as seen through the eyes of teachers and find out what I need to take
But if you find that you are working with a teacher is not possible, you should go to the school counselor, and explain to him your concerns. The teacher usually proposes a meeting in three or four of us - in the presence of the school. If such a joint commission will bring results, and the parent feels that all school staff leads the fight against him, reports the matter to the supervisor.
If all our efforts fail, you might want to consider changing schools. If the situation does not undergo any changes, you should consider whether changes in the environment will be less stress for the child, but to stay where they do not feel appreciated.

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