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How to teach children with Down syndrome

How to teach children with Down syndrome, Down syndrome, also known as mongolism, a group of birth defects

Downs syndrome is also known as mongolism, a group of birth defects is genetically determined Its appearance is due to the presence of an extra chromosome - chromosome 21 .. -. In the human body of a person with Down syndrome is different from the rest of the population in terms of intellectual development . characteristics of people who suffer from this disorder is a simple and naive thinking. However, it must be emphasized that not all children. As with any mental disorder is an important learning process. Such children develop differently and have mentally relevant conditions. In this article we will try to answer to the question of how to approach a child with Down syndrome.
First, to work effectively with individuals suffering from Down syndrome to understand and know how the disease manifests itself. In this type of people have muscle laxity, which partly contributes to an open gesture mouth and tongue protruding. People with this disorder sometimes have problems with hearing and vision. May be more susceptible to various infections. May Some patients also have heart defects.
learning is important to provide children a safe environment. They must feel safe and comfortable. They should also ensure acceptance. It will be more likely to succeed will help to improve their mental and intellectual development. Depending on the particular process can take up to several months.
most important and indispensable for with the child to learn his. teacher must have an understanding of his client. Only then can appropriately deal with it. you know your childs needs. How to do it? read history, interview with the mother / father or guardian of a child. During the first months of collaboration Make a childs characteristics. watch them carefully.
What else can be used. Children with Down syndrome as they feel valued and attractive. why Also, try to talk as often as praise, it could be a sentence like: you fit this jersey. , Got a nice blouse out the color of your eyes I really like ... Praise the children for a small operation to use the word great . Very good you have done / reported. This child will build self-esteem, be courageous.
Often children with Down syndrome have difficulty speaking. It is important to exercise with them, right speech. Of course, you should do so in accordance with their abilities. This helps them to communicate and express feelings, opinions.
In learning take frequent breaks. Children with this condition quite easily dispersed. Their ability to focus less than their healthy peers. Therefore, if you notice signs of distraction and thoughts go take a break somewhere else.

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