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How to teach your child to write stories

How to teach your child to write stories easiest way to teach your child to write an interesting story, you first have to explain how to tell

easiest way to teach your child to write an interesting story, you first have to explain how to tell a narrative skill that can be very useful for writing short stories
Usadź their child back and ask them .. who played with you in game. Tell him to begin to develop a story and want the same wymyślało some detail. At some point catch up with the game and starts to go in the right direction. If the child is too young to their stories may not make sense. However, it does not matter. key success is to encourage children to learn.
When a child is able to tell a story, you need to plant them a piece of paper and pencil, and tell him that you want to put the story on paper. Some write the story in their own words. It works on the ability for memory and ability to tell a story effectively.
To make your child organize their thoughts and write a story properly, create a few questions about it. With these questions will have to build the story and characters to place in it. Introduction, intermediate and end are very important in writing short stories. This information will give your child a good start to learning to write good stories.
When I had already answered questions and built a story format, you and your child to transfer it to paper. Ask your child which is where the punishment should be. explain the course of history at the time and why is it important for the reader.
If you regularly perform this exercise with your child, you notice that his skill level will increase sharply. It is important that the child is regularly practiced writing and do not hinder the creative process with him. which often does not make sense for you to have a lot to your child. With this exercise your child will be better to express their ideas and writing. Give your child only basic information, a natural talent begins to unravel. Children are very capable when it comes to science. You just need to sow seeds of sacrificing their time and some effort. writing is no different. If you show your child that is comfortable and fun to quickly begin to do it.

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