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How a small red cap costume

How Little Red Riding Hood Costume Red Riding Hood costume is so easy to prepare, you almost do not need anything more than

Little Red Riding Hood costume
is so easy to prepare, you almost do not need anything else but Strong Little Red Riding Hood If your child is in school-transfer has been planted in this role, applies to you, happy .. just take a lovely daughter , red dress and cape basically ready instructions for performing these capes - a housewife. below
tippet to get to your thighs Do it with the red, where the material thickness you will also have a red cloth lining .. and ribbon tie at the neck capes
For a symmetrical wrap, fold the material in each half and using a compass and draw a chalk circle on the third quarter - see image to right -. Places to bend the material to determine where it begins and where it ends with a bow radius of the circle should be about 70 cm Cut the top right corner of the cloth - this will be a cape collar formation onions should start with about 6-7cm below the right upper corner Cut two identical shapes: ... with proper material i. lining
Now put a pillowcase on it - right side to the right pillow attach with pins Connect two fabrics together, about 1cm from the edge of the wire over the cape does not leave a small opening niezaszyty - .... this will curl to the right Page -.
through the hole left from the previous
when viewing, drag the right side of the cape Once done, sew the opening
now take care of the implementation of the lid ... See the next diagram. Cut two such elements of the rough material and two of the mucosa.
two pieces of material thickness placed to each other on the left side inward. joint edges with pins. Connecting to the port.
same with the lining material.
sew the cap on the inside cover materials.
Now sew the cover the capes. neck fasten a piece of red ribbon. It will serve to set the cape around his neck. For
suit is completed, prepare a basket, which will be Little Red Riding Hood went to her grandmother.

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