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Education and Psychology the category in which you can find all about the care of children, ADHD in children, high conflict divorce and children, business intelligence, ethics in the workplace, distance learning, internet etiquette, communication training...


How to decorate pine cones

How to decorate pine cones pine cones decorations are very attractive and easy to make ornaments, by the way is fun even for kids

pine cones are very attractive and easy to make ornaments, a fun way for children decorated with pine cones are great Christmas decoration -. Beautifully displayed hanging on a Christmas tree
fra. Wrap hip chain choinkowym , forming a hook at the top for them to hang on the Christmas tree.
Place cones on newspapers, paint the edges with glue and sprinkle glitter slate.
If you want glitter covered a larger area of ‚Äč‚Äčevery cones you can soak in a bowl filled with brilliance.
You can also apply large droplets of glue and sprinkle them shine, they will look like Christmas trees.

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