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How to increase your intelligence

How to increase your intelligence Everybody wants to be seen as a cultured, refined, and as the most intelligent

Everyone wants to be seen as a cultured, refined, and intelligent as Well as to achieve
Read often and make sure to read thoroughly understand what you read.? .. Not be a difficult book. It can be a daily newspaper, journal or magazine.
always stay focused on current events at home and abroad. when at a party, someone asks you what you think about yesterdays game, you should be able to respond and be aware of.
speak. intelligent person must be able to express and convey their thoughts and ideas with others. practice talking to people and talking to people. If you are shy, embarrassed to talk to someone. break the barrier, then we will go downhill.
Join online discussion forum. There are literally millions of people to choose from. forum is a great place to practice passing thought on the subject. You can also find many interesting people who share your interests.
behave intelligently. Use your senses. Do not be that girl or boy who was sitting quietly in a corner, only to be a person with whom everyone wants to talk.

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