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How to teach effectively

How effective learning Many people have problems with effective learning

Lots of people have problems with effective learning has revealed that many hours studying, remember that bit There are various reasons for this phenomenon, but there are some simple ways to deal with under ... some valuable suggestions when
Youll begin to learn from the environment to remove all objects that can interfere with -. play loud radio, TV - Many people also distracts too much paint tiny little thing - instead of learning hang them on the eye and then harder and harder for us to focus on . Remove from the place where you learn all the colors szpargały. This will help you to avoid wasting thoughts during the acquisition of knowledge. If you have a noisy younger brothers and sisters, ask them for a few hours in silence pobyli or simply go for a walk. Being the silence is the best way to fully focus.
sat for another hour to book a room zaduszonym only make things worse. brain, which is twice niedotleniony work harder. Before classes begin, select a half-hour walk, you will work your brain cells and soothe and relax you. walk is best to go to the park or to the maximum extent possible on the lawn. It is important that there was a lot of greenery around.
sorting their materials for learning. material that is not chaotic encourage learning each range should be arranged according to the number of pages and chapters This allows easy retrieval of data - ... so you will not have to waste time looking for the next page to learn the important questions, select a visible marker fragments. blatantly easy to remember. avoided, however, highlight a whole paragraph . should be chosen only keywords. This method is effective for the rock, who know and remember your vision. You should also put the paper on the walls of many important materials or parts that are difficult for us to remember. So , each view in the work will remember and record your message.
After school we find time for a nap. During sleep, the brain segregates and consolidates data. sen not only to relax, Ive used for this purpose, yellow and white crepe. Cut the crepe any form, and it refers to the wings with a glue stick. For
tape on the wings, Split strip cutting into two equal parts. At the end of each of these parts to sew in the middle of the wing, protecting the binding sites - floral tape -. Make a child wings, lead tape on his hands, and then back into the hands of the ports on the back. Select the appropriate length, sew velcro on this site and cut the excess tape.
Czółka To the middle of the plastic band wind 50cm piece of wire. Do this as follows. Place a link on the middle strings. Then wrap each half of the wire around the center band a few times, bend the wire ends so that each end to make the forehead. Wrap the wire with black crepe. At the top of each bead czółka do with paper. Enrich it with glue. Crepe wrap the whole band. Glue the ends of the crepe band / wire to be developed.
Dress your child in a tight black leggings and a black blouse. Switch it back on the wings, head band with czółkami. Butterfly costume ready. -

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