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How to cheat on the test sheet

How to cheat on the test sheet in this article I will present the idea to write a little cheat sheet

This article will introduce the idea to write a small tie each one of us, regardless of age, school they attend, learn to forget an important test of getting ready to tie it but what do you do when ...? Text is too
Sit comfortably on the job, remove the tool and think about what is really important and necessary for the test - the concepts, characters, designs, names and dates -. them choose the best color marker - not deleted -.
small piece paper with a small network run literkami print pre-selected terms, etc., along with the answers to them - what they mean, that is, what happened then -.
Hide cheat sheet for the pencil case, and a lesson to be move on their own. you can easily put a little sticky notes on paper, which will later be filled with knowledge retrieved.

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