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How to get rid of a roommate

How to get rid of roommate apartment with a roommate is usually cheaper and more interesting

apartment with a roommate is a cheaper and often more interesting in many cases, housemate or roommate becomes our friend, someone you can cry, go to a party and spend time together, however, very often roommate does not meet our expectations .. we are his people are different, and sometimes it happens that when we find someone who does not stand in such cases, someone has to go - ... you or your roommate Unfortunately, it seems that those who were never roommates Clean up after yourself usually not in arrears with payment of rent, and always drink the last beer from the refrigerator, never understand the subtle hints on finding a new apartment. So if you live with someone who annoys you terribly and does not want to move out, read the following ideas may be due before they manage to finally get rid of unwanted roommate.
Make sure that your roommate does not have a signed contract. If you have to somehow convince the landlord to terminate the contract and sign a new you. can not be easy. Start
eat out. If the Your roommate often steal food from the refrigerator and drink, then stop shopping to bring home. empty cupboards and the fridge can do it at home with you will lose the most important advantages - or one of the most important - ...
get rid of all the objects and fun if you pay for internet and cable TV providers to suspend the contract for a period of 1-2 months Explain to your roommate that you decided to save some. Without television and the Internet can be a bit boring roommate, May to find another locale.
Stop it clean. It is likely that your roommate, and so does not wobble your finger to do anything around the house, but at least it will not benefit from a clean house - clean through his work -. as I have dirty dishes to the ceiling, and when and tile in the bathroom zarosnÄ… dirt and begin to move, your roommate can find other, better-maintained apartment
. stop doing the laundry. Instead, wash all clothes and towels in the wash house the only ones who have to use. if necessary , do laundry at a friend for several weeks.
Treat yourself to a dog or cat. This will work only if your roommate does not like animals or is allergic to them. Explain that there are animals and can work around the house. People do not like animals that are almost never make decisions on their house under one roof. In addition, a dog or cat is easier than regular messy and lazy roommate.

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